Awareness Helps Firms Manage Social Networks

There’s a large number of social networks out there, and they all require a unique login and account management. Consumer-facing firms want to maintain relationships on as many as possible to keep in contact with their customers, but that can turn into a chore.

That’s where Awareness comes in. The firm provides a single console for managing multiple social networks. Datamation explains how.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace … the list of social networking sites companies hope to use to reach customers is growing and, along with it, so is the complexity of managing the process.

Enter Awareness, an on-demand provider of social marketing software. Awareness’s Social Marketing Hub (SMH) a dashboard for managing social networks, will be formally unveiled next week at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, but got a preview. Awareness said blue-chip clients – including Kodak, Sony, Best Buy, REI and Fairmont Hotels – are beta testing the service.

“What we were seeing is companies want to have a presence on all these social networks, but they don’t always have the resources to manage them effectively,” Awareness CTO David Carter told “What they need is a full circle approach and that’s what our console let’s them do; measure, mine and act on their social network activity.”

On the mining side, SMH lets marketers find specific groups of people on social media sites by different criteria, such as location. Companies can act on this information by offering coupons or thank-you messages tailored to a specific group. Measurement includes reports that give real-time updates on how different social media are doing across different channels.

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Awareness Console Helps Biz Manage Social Networks

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