Windows Mobile Still Losing Share

Microsoft has its work cut out for it in its efforts to claw its way to a larger share of the smartphone market. Arrayed against it is a slew of competitors, including perennial heavyweight Research In Motion with its BlackBerry lineup, and more recently the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android OS.

But Microsoft’s plan centers on Windows Phone 7, and a series of devices running its next-generation mobile operating system. But until the new mobile OS ships, Microsoft’s wireless device play is limited to the older Windows Mobile platform — where the software giant continues losing turf, according to a report on CodeGuru.

While mobile handset makers and Windows Mobile developers are waiting on pins and needles for Microsoft’s new smartphone OS, which is due out in time for the holiday sales season, users are already losing interest in its predecessor, Windows Mobile 6.x, according to the latest figures from a leading analytics firm.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will provide more details of its highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 Series operating system at next week’s MIX 2010 Web developers’ conference in Las Vegas.

Read the full story at CodeGuru:

Windows Mobile Share Dropped in Last Three Months

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