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SEATTLE – Docker is often though off as a server technology, but don’t tell that to Jessie Frazelle. Frazelle works for Docker Inc helping to maintain the open-source Docker project and she uses Docker – everywhereJessie Frazelle she can.

In a session at Linuxcon/ContainerCon here, Frazelle said simply she a person that likes to containerize fun things. Those fun things include a container purpose built to run EMACS, but not for programming, but rather to run the text based game – dunnet.

She also uses containers to run her browser, whether that’s Firefox or Chrome as a way to control the amount of memory used. She also containerizes what she referred to as “random apps that you might use throughout the day”. For her those random apps include: mitm proxy, gparted, masscan, spotify and even Tor.

For Frazelle it’s not just about running stuff in containers for containers sake, but also for to keep her system all neat and tidy Frazelle added, that, “t this point there is nothing she actually install on her laptop, everything is a container.

“All I have to do if I want to remove an application from my device is to just remove the Docker file,” Frazelle said. “I’m super OCD about keeping my computer clean.”

While running stuff in containers keep her system clean, Frazelle warned that there can be some difficulty with some apps.

“The thing with containerized random crap is that there are dependancies you can sometimes forget,” Frazelle said.

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