Facebook Simplifies Privacy Policy for Apps

It’s hard to argue that the third-party applications that pervade Facebook are a pillar of the social network’s success. But how much personal information about you should those apps be able to collect, and how can you be sure you know exactly what you’re sharing about yourself?

Those were the questions Canadian privacy authorities felt that Facebook should answer. Now, to a large extent, it has. Honoring its agreement with Canada’s privacy commissioner, Facebook has rolled out a new, simplified permissions box to give users a clear picture of what information they’re about to share with third-party applications. eSecurity Planet has the details, and takes a look at Facebook’s broader privacy struggles.

Facebook is taking another step to enhance the privacy controls on its site, offering users an added safeguard meant to check the flow of information to third-party developers and partner websites.

Wednesday afternoon Facebook rolled out a simplified approval process for users to add applications and websites. As with the previous system, only public information will be automatically available to third-parties, but the method for approving access to other sorts of information, such as photos and friends’ information, will be contained in a more intuitive interface.

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Facebook Extends Privacy Controls to Apps

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