Fedora 19 Linux Beta Targets Developers

Fedora 17The first beta release for Fedora 19, aka Schrodinger’s Cat, is now available.

Fedora is  taking some specific steps with Schrodinger’s Cat to make sure it is an ideal development base for developers.

To that end, Fedora 19 includes the latest releases of popular open source development languages and frameworks such as node.js, PHP 5.5 and Ruby 2.0.0.

Going a step further is the new Developers Assistant effort in Fedora 19. According to the Fedora features wiki, “this feature aims on setting up development environments for various languages.”

“We want to make sure that we’re getting developers and that the applications we have inside Fedora have the latest stacks to build against,” Fedora Project Leader, Robyn Bergeron said. “It’s also very important we reach a good developer audience; we want to make sure people are using Fedora and we’re giving them new features to take advantage of.”

Fedora 19 is currently scheduled for final release on July 2nd.

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