Firefox 4 Boasts New UI, Improved Performance

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still rules the roost when it comes to market share, there are plenty of contenders nipping away at its lead. The strongest contender, firmly in the number two spot, is Mozilla’s Firefox, the popular open source offering which IBM (NYSE: IBM) recently declared the default browser for its 400,000 employees.

As Datamation reports, Mozilla has added a number of new features it hopes will further separate it from the pack that includes such innovative browser competitors as Opera, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.

Mozilla is out this week with the first public beta for its next-generation open source Firefox 4 Web browser. With the latest browser update, Mozilla is adding a host of features to drive performance and support HTML5, offline storage and add-ons, while also improving the user interface over the current Firefox 3.6 release.

Though the new Firefox 4 Beta 1 release is available for Window, Linux and Mac users, the first beta does not offer the same user interface for all users.

Read the full article at Datamation:

Firefox 4 Beta Debuts With New Windows UI

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