AT&T Pins Slow iPhone Uploads on Software Flaw

AT&T has weathered a fair bit of criticism for all manner of issues associated with the iPhone, Apple’s wildly popular smartphone that’s locked into its network in the United States through an exclusive agreement.

The latest: conspiracy theories welling up across the Web that AT&T has been throttling or capping uploads on the device. Not so, claims AT&T. The carrier explains the problem as a simple software glitch, and promises that a fix is in the works. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

One day after mobile phone blogs lit up with accusations that AT&T had begun capping upload speeds for the iPhone 4, the iPhone’s exclusive network partner is moving to dispel the rumors, saying instead that it found a minor software problem in its network equipment and a fix is in the works.

As well-received as the iPhone 4 has been with the public, selling 1.7 million iPhone 4 units in the first three days of release, it’s had some real headaches when it comes to signal reception. First came reports of the “death grip,” where radio signal strength would drop when the iPhone was held a certain way. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has since said the “death grip” problem is a software issue and plans to issue a fix shortly.

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AT&T Blames ‘Software Defect’ for Slow iPhone Upload Speeds

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