Firms Slow to Virtualize Mission-Critical Apps

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  • Virtualization has been one of the prevailing buzzwords of the tech industry in recent years, as businesses look to maximize the efficiency of their IT operations through the novel approach to computing. And for vendors, VMware chief among them, it’s become a big business.

    But according to a new survey from Virtual Instruments, which polled attendees at this week’s VMworld conference, businesses are still reluctant to bring shift mission-critical applications to virtualized environments. Datamation takes a look at why.

    While many enterprises are expanding their adoption of virtualization, stumbling blocks remain when it comes to business-critical applications, according to surveys of IT pros and attendees at this week’s VMworld conference.

    In one survey by virtual infrastructure performance technology vendor Virtual Instruments, 48 percent of the 200 attendees it polled cited performance concerns as the top IT reason for not virtualizing more business-critical applications. Thirty-two percent cited security concerns.

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    IT Holding Back on Virtualizing Business-Critical Apps

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