IBM: Businesses Fail to Use Data Intelligently

IBM finds enterprises coming up short when it comes to efficiently and fully leveraging the business data available to them. However, IBM also has a recommendation for how businesses ought to be handling their data: Treat it like cash. Datamation has the story.

NEW YORK — IBM this week released a report tracking the effective use of business analytics at successful businesses. The report, “Breaking away with business analytics and optimization,” said that all businesses can differentiate their performance by analyzing data better and by delivering insight to decision makers at all levels of an organization.

Those with a successful strategy “achieve both top- and bottom-line impact — especially important in the current economy,” the report said.

“Business school graduates understand how to manage cash but don’t understand how to manage information,” added Ambuj Goyal, general manager for business analytics and process optimization at IBM (NYSE: IBM) in response to a question from

Goyal said that graduates learn methods for managing cash, such as return on assets, which measure the performance of cash as an asset when deployed in different places in the business — performance that otherwise is difficult to measure.

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