Google Whips Up New Tools for Web Developers

Google continues rolling out new tools for Web developers — after all, Web apps are increasingly important to the company’s efforts beyond pure search. This week, that resulted in the launch of Google Web Tools 2.0. digs into the release.

Web-based applications are at the core of Google’s strategy. As a result, it’s not surprising that Google has been embarking on a strategy to help both itself and the wider developer community build better Web applications.

Key to Google’s Web application development effort is its Google Web Tools (GWT) applications, which became open source in 2006. This week, Google debuted GWT 2.0, which provides new developer workflow improvements as well performance enhancements.

GWT enable developers to write an AJAX application in Java and then cross-compile the application into highly optimized JavaScript that runs across all Web browsers.

“Developers are impatient because their users are impatient,” Dave Glazer, Google’s director of engineering, said during the Campfire One developer event this week. “We all — when using and building software — just want to get things done. The theme of GWT 2 is building faster apps and running them faster.”

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