MapR Expands Open Source Big Data Hadoop Footprint

MapR’s Big Data distribution is based on open source technology and is now being released on Github, a popular open source project repository and collaborative development resource.

Jack Norris, VP of marketing at MapR, explained to Enterprise Apps Today that MapR technology has long combined open source projects with MapR’s own innovation.

“The way it worked is that we provided customers with the patches that MapR has done on top of the Apache projects,” Norris explained. “We’ve now made it much easier for customers to obtain the complete code and make their modifications.”

The open source code post on the MapR Github pages is not exactly the same as MapR’s commercial product. MapR offers three editions of its Hadoop distribution: M3, M5 and M7. M3 is the free edition.

Norris noted that the M5 and M7 editions include all of the open source packages, with additional platform innovations to provide enterprise-grade features such as mirroring, snapshots, instant recovery, NFS HA and data placements control for HBase and Hadoop.

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MapR Brings Open Source Hadoop to Github and Ubuntu Linux

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