Microsoft Apologizes for Cloud Outage

Microsoft has emerged recently as perhaps the most vocal proponents of the cloud. It certainly wasn’t the first to embrace the new model of computing as a service, and many would argue that it’s not the best. But the company is there now, and this week it received a reminder about the basics of always-on service.

For more than two hours on Monday, some customers in North America were unable to access many of Microsoft’s most popular services, including the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).

Datamation takes a look at the outage at Microsoft’s data center that knocked its cloud-computing services temporarily offline.

Microsoft is apologizing to customers for an outage that kept some of its cloud computing users from being able to access their enterprise applications for more than two hours on Monday.

“On Aug. 23, from 5:30 a.m. [to] 7:45 a.m. PDT, some customers in North America experienced intermittent access to our datacenter. The outage was caused by a network issue that is now fully resolved, and service has returned to normal,” a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) spokesperson said in an email to

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Microsoft Cops to Cloud Computing Platform Outage

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