Microsoft Hits TiVo With Second Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft has opened another chapter in its intellectual property squabble with TiVo, suing the digital video technology company this week for infringing on four patents.

The lawsuit is the second infringement case Microsoft has brought against TiVo. Last August, Microsoft sued TiVo asserting two patents in a case that was entangled with TiVo’s own lawsuit against AT&T, which uses Microsoft’s software to power its rival U-verse IP TV service.

Microsoft accompanied its latest patent-infringement suit with a complaint filed to the International Trade Commission requesting a ban on importing TiVo’s set-top boxes that use the intellectual property in question.

At the same time, Microsoft says it is still willing to talk.

“We remain open to resolving this situation through an intellectual property licensing agreement, and we look forward to continued negotiations with TiVo,” a company spokesman said.

Datamation reports on the latest patent dispute between Microsoft and TiVo.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Microsoft Sues TiVo for Patent Infringement Again

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