Microsoft Looks to Regain Its Luster in 2011

What will the new year bring for the software giant? Maybe, for a start, an opportunity to shed the one-trick-pony rap of a company wedded to an outmoded business of installed, on-premises technology.

And Microsoft enters the new year with an ambitious agenda. At CES, the gala technology conference in early January, Microsoft is expected to announce a host of new tablet computers powered by Windows 7.

But that’s really just scratching the surface. Microsoft also hopes to move the needle on cloud computing and smartphones, while it looks to recapture some lost share in the browser market and move ahead with the development of Windows 8. Datamation takes a look at the challenges and opportunities awaiting Microsoft in 2010.

Microsoft’s new year promises to kick off with a bang, with new products coming on line and fairly new ones ramping up.

However, it seems primed to be a defining year for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), as the company struggles to maintain control of the market for computing clients — whether phone, hand-held, the desktop, or the browser.

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Can Microsoft Win Back Lost Client Share in 2011?

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