Microsoft Says Silverlight 4 On the Way

Adobe may control a majority of the online streaming media and animation market with Flash, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from slowing the pace of development of its rival Silverlight software.

This week, Microsoft is set to unveil the latest version of Silverlight, promising a handful of improvements designed to give it a leg up on its entrenched competitor. CodeGuru takes a look at what’s in store when Silverlight 4 makes its debut less than a year after it shipped Silverlight 3, sporting performance improvements and new features. And we’ll see what Microsoft says those enhancements can offer developers.

Microsoft will begin shipping the next major release of its media streaming competitor to Adobe Flash on Thursday.

The announcement came on Tuesday during a keynote speech at Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) DevConnections conference in Las Vegas by Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of the .NET Developer Platform.

Among the new and upgraded features in Silverlight 4 is additional out-of-browser support so that users do not have to be running a browser in order to use Silverlight’s features.

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Microsoft Says Silverlight 4 Will Ship Thursday

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