Microsoft Unwraps Office 365 Cloud Computing

On the same week Ray Ozzie announced plans to resign from Microsoft, the company unveiled a new cloud computing service. The timing is perhaps appropriate since Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, is considered the main driver behind the company’s move to cloud computing.

As DevX reports, the cloud-based Office 365 makes Office Web Apps on the client side and Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and the newly rebranded Lync Online on the back-end, available on a subscription basis.

In a move meant to keep its Office cash cow earning ever more income, even as the IT world moves towards computing in the cloud, Microsoft introduced a set of cloud-based computing offerings Tuesday that it says are scalable from the smallest to the largest organizations.

“Nothing says ‘productivity’ better than Office,” Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft’s Office Division, told a crowd of media attending the launch event in San Francisco.

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Microsoft Goes Deeper into the Cloud with Office 365

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