Intel’s Wind River Ramping Up Embedded Linux

With version 4 of the Wind River Linux offering, Intel’s software division is expanding its real-time capabilities, including support for the PREEMPT_RT tree in the ARM and MIPS reference configurations.

Additionally, Wind River is boosting its virtualization credentials with support for new hypervisor formats. Wind River Linux 4.0 also offers additional support for developer by tapping into the Eclipse-based Workbench IDE. Linux Planet has the story.

Intel’s Wind River software division is out this week with a new embedded Linux release that adds new carrier grade and workflow capabilities to the platform.

Wind River entered the Linux space in 2004 as an optional alternative embedded operating system to its own VxWorks embedded system. With Wind River Linux 4.0, the company is building on some of its past systems by extending real-time Linux capabilities. One such real-time capability comes in the form of the preempt_rt Linux kernel.

Read the full story at LinuxPlanet:

Wind River Advances Embedded Linux

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