Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Gains Some Ground

Microsoft and its Internet Explorer browser have been losing out to rivals like Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome steadily over the past year, who have been successful in quickly rolling out new releases and new features.

But new research from Net Applications suggests that the slide in Microsoft’s market share may be a thing of the past, with IE actually posting some growth in its most recent month of data. Datamation takes a look at the figures and what they mean for Microsoft’s efforts to maintain its dominance in browser market share.

Microsoft this week is trumpeting a small gain in browser market share for June as a harbinger of Internet Explorer’s (IE) comeback, after losing share every month for the past year.

According to the June global browser share numbers from Web analytics firm Net Applications, all versions of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) venerable IE gained a total of 0.57 percent for the month — its first gain in more than a year. IE’s total market share came in at 60.32 percent — still well ahead of any competitors.

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Can Microsoft Reverse IE’s Slide?

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