Novell Ramps Up Focus on Workload Automation

Datamation examines Novell’s efforts to knit together a number of its diverse areas of expertise into an offering for businesses looking to get a better grip on managing their physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads.

Novell’s business spans a number of IT areas, including Linux, groupware, security, business services management and virtualization products. Today, the company unveiled a strategy that helps to tie together a number of these units into an intelligent workload management solution for enterprises.

The idea is to quip enterprises with the combined tools set necessary for management, security and delivery of both physical and virtual workloads in enterprises, across datacenters, and in the cloud.

The strategy is one that Novell’s (NASDAQ: NOVL) CEO hinted at last week as one of the future directions that would help his company to recover from a challenging financial year in 2009.

“We think intelligent workload management is the answer to addressing concerns around security, performance management and availability, and getting clients to address the paradox of trying to control their own environments and make it more responsive at the same time,” Novell CMO John Dragoon told

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