GNOME 3’s Next Steps

GNOME is getting a makeover. The venerable Linux desktop environment and development platform is making its way toward its next major release, and this weekend, its supporters dropped a few hints on what to expect. LinuxPlanet takes a look.

TORONTO — For many Linux desktop users, GNOME is their home. But it’s a home that’s in the process of a major renovation.

In a session at the FUDcon Fedora Linux user and developer conference this week, contributors showed off some preliminary work for GNOME 3, the next major evolution of the GNOME platform.

With GNOME 3, developers will be introducing a number of new concepts and technologies to the Linux desktop, including more advanced 3D as well as more tightly integrated messaging system.

“We have a real opportunity with GNOME 3,” Red Hat staffer and GNOME contributor Jon McCann told the FUDcon audience. “We said up front that we’re going to do a new GNOME, clean the slate, re-evaluate what it is we’re trying to do, what a desktop is, what a personal computer is and what it
should be offering.”

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