OpenStack N and O Looking for a Name

The OpenStack cloud community is now voting on the names for the two releases set to follow OpenStack Mitaka which should debut in openstackApril of 2016. The following two releases – the ‘N’ release in October of 2016 and the ‘O’ release of April 2017 don’t yet have a name.

OpenStack release names are tied by context to the location of the design summit preceding the release. The next design summit is set to be held in Austin, Texas.

The proposed names up for vote for the OpenStack N release are:

  •     Noxville, a ghost town in Kimble County
  •     Nameless, a community in Travis County (After six names were rejected, residents wrote back saying, “Let the post office be nameless and be damned!” The department took them at their word.)
  •     Nix, a ghost town in Lampasas Country
  •     Niederwald, located in Hays and Caldwell counties , was established by German pioneers in the 1890’s. Built along the old Austin to San Antonio road known as the Camino Real
  •     Nueces, a river that runs through the Hill Country
  •     Null, Null Heights is a street in San Antonio, TX [
  •     Nelson, Nelson Field is a stadium in Austin, TX . Mostly Inspired by music scene in Austin including Willie Nelson
  •     Naruna, a small community about 70 miles northwest of Austin
  •     Newton, a house listed on the National Register of Historical Places on East 9th street in Austin, Texas

The OpenStack ‘O’ design summit will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The proposed names up for vote there are:

  •      Osona, a Catalan comarqua (district) and historic county
  •     Organyà, A Catalan municipality where one of the oldest literary document written in Catalan was found
  •     Oliana, a Catalan municipality
  •     Olot, capital of the Catalan comarqua of Garrotxa
  •     Osserà (town)
  •     Oristà (town)
  •     Oveix (town)
  •     Orcau (town)
  •     Ogern (town)
  •     Om (Carrer de l’Om)
  •     Ortigosa (Carrer de…)
  •     Obiol (mountain Puig de l’Obiol)
  •     Ocata (Beach)
  •     Olesa, an olive oil producing Catalan municipality
  •     Oix (town)
  •     Olímpic (Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, Olympic Stadium of Barcelona
  •     Oli (PLAÇA DE L’OLI,

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