Oracle Taps InnoDB for MySQL Plans

Many industry observers watched anxiously as Oracle digested Sun Microsystems, looking for signs of what would become of MySQL.

Oracle insists that MySQL will be a key area of its database offerings, and today rolled out the beta release of version 5.5.

Additionally, the company announced the InnoDB will become MySQL’s default storage engine as it shuts down Project Falcon.

Database Journal has the details on Oracle’s latest thoughts on MySQL.

Oracle is serious about growing the MySQL database.

That’s the message from Edward Screven, the company’s chief corporate architect, who on Tuesday outlined the way forward for MySQL under Oracle’s (NASDAQ: ORCL) direction following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

As part of that direction, Oracle today announced the beta release of MySQL 5.5, and said that the InnoDB engine would become the default storage engine for MySQL. Overall, Screven stressed that MySQL is a critical asset that Oracle intends to develop and expand.

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Oracle Commits to MySQL with InnoDB

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