ScaleMP Reups Server Virtualization Software

ScaleMP is trying to take server virtualization to the next level. The company has released vSMP Foundation 3.0, the next iteration of its server virtualization and aggregation software.

With the new release, ScaleMP believes it’s entering previously uncharted territory. Specifically, the company claims that the product is the first to stack multiple virtual machines inside another virtual machine. Server Watch takes a look.

ScaleMP today announced a new version of its server virtualization and aggregation software, dubbed vSMP Foundation 3.0, which will allow for virtual machines within another virtual machine. When the product ships, it will mark the first time such a stacking of VMs has been accomplished, the company said.

vSMP Foundation is a server aggregator. It takes many x86 physical servers and makes them appear to the operating system as one giant machine with a large number of cores and large amount of memory. In addition to a sizable boost to performance, this makes administration easier because every machine is managed as one.

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ScaleMP Steps Up Server Virtualization Aggregation Software

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