SpringSource Brings DM Java Server to Eclipse

Does this mark the end of the commercial version of SpringSource’s dm server? The VMware division hails its code donation as a path to greater adoption and usage of its flavor of enterprise Java. Gamelan has the story.

The Eclipse RT (runtime) top-level project could soon be getting a new participant, thanks to a code donation from VMware’s SpringSource Java division.

SpringSource’s dm Server, which is an OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative)-compliant Java server, is on its way to becoming the core of the Virgo project at the Eclipse Foundation — an initiative underway to create a dynamic enterprise application platform.

As part of the move, SpringSource will be relicensing dm Server from the GPL to the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The move will also impact the commercial version of dm Server as well.

“Currently, dm Server is dual-licensed, and there is a commercial version,” Adam Fitzgerald, director of community relations at SpringSource, told InternetNews.com. “Once the move is complete to Virgo and the Eclipse Foundation, we won’t have a commercially licensed version of dm Server. We will offer support subscriptions for customers that want to use Virgo in their enterprise environments.”

According to Fitzgerald, the primary goal for SpringSource in moving dm Server to Eclipse is about helping get greater adoption and usage of the modular OSGi programming approach in enterprise Java.

Read the full story at Gamelan:

SpringSource DM Java Server Heads to Eclipse

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