Twitter Redesign Looks to Broaden Content

Have you ever felt like it was too difficult to follow the thread of a conversation on Twitter? Or that having to click away to other sites to view content was a pain, and potentially a security threat?

Twitter was not unaware of the issues with its site design. But all that’s going to change in a dramatic way over the coming weeks, as Twitter begins rolling out the biggest redesign in the young company’s history.

Soon, users will be able to access much of the content that could previously only be viewed through third-party applications or websites directly on Datamation takes a look.

Twitter is rolling out a wholesale redesign of its website, aiming to make the microblogging service easier to use and providing more content tailored to the short-message format.

Over the next few weeks, users will begin to see their Twitter profiles split into two panes as the company phases in the redesign. The traditional Twitter timeline will reside on the left, with a new tabbed menu at the top of the screen where users can check @mentions, retweets, lists and searches.

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Twitter Aims to Expand Content With Redesign

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