VMware Makes Cloud Partner, Product News

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  • Now that cloud computing as gone from buzzword to old hat, the latest buzz phrase is hybrid cloud computing. Rather than forcing IT to give up on considerable on-premise infrastructure, the hybrid cloud concept gives IT the ability to tap public as well as private cloud services as needed.

    Big enterprise players, including HP, IBM and Oracle and VMware (NYSE: VMW) have all touted this hybrid approach, which also offers better management and security of public cloud services. As part of its hybrid push, VMware this week announced that its new vCloud Datacenter services are now available from BlueLock, Colt and Verizon.

    The virtualization leader also announced a free plug-in called vCloud Connector that gives customers the valued “single pane of glass” management view of public and private cloud services.

    VMware said its alliance with service providers is designed to offer enterprises the benefits of public cloud services when needed, such as a spike in holiday sales, in a way that’s compatible with the company’s existing infrastructure.

    “Customers have told us emphatically that this is the model they want, an enterprise hybrid model,” said Joe Andrews, director of product marketing for vCloud Services at VMware.

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