Adaptec Announces Entry-Level Service and Support

Adaptec, Inc. this week announced a service and support program to complement its DuraStor 6220SS external storage subsystem offering. The program includes free one-year on-site service and other upgradable options for customers who purchase the complete solution.

The new on-site service and support plan is also available as an upgrade called the Elite Service Offering. Upgrades include three types of service and support: Premium, Premier, and Plus. The difference is in the response time, which varies from next business day to four hours, and in the length of the program that can be extended for as long as three years. Customers may include additional options like installation packages and enhanced technical phone support.

Launched two months ago, Adaptec’s first external storage solution, DuraStor 6220SS, is built as a 3U SCSI external RAID subsystem, which combines a 1U appliance that houses up to two RAID controllers and a 2U enclosure that houses the drives.

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