Adaptec Demonstrates Ultra320 Raid Subsystem

Adaptec, Inc. this week announced that it has staged what it says is the first public demonstration of an Ultra320 RAID controller with Ultra320 disk drives. Ultra320 SCSI doubles the speed of current SCSI connections.

The demonstration to resellers in Milpitas consisted of a RAID 5 array with five of Maxtor(R) Corporation’s 73-gigabyte Atlas(TM) 10K III Ultra320 disk drives connected to a two-channel Adaptec Ultra320 RAID controller transferring data streams of several movie trailers displayed on a monitor. Adaptec said data flowed at 320 megabytes per second across the SCSI bus.

“Adaptec focuses on being first with complete solutions versus providing point products,” said Lee Caswell, vice president and general manager of Adaptec’s Storage Solutions Group. “In the demonstration, the Atlas 10K III Ultra320 disk drives, our AIC-7902 Ultra320 SCSI ASIC, software drivers, RAID firmware, and our RAID management utility all worked in concert. The result is a complete Adaptec solution that enables our customers to reduce their time to market.”

“We are delighted to have contributed to this milestone in the maturation of Ultra320,” said John Joseph, vice president of marketing, Server Products Group at Maxtor. “The Ultra320 RAID demonstration exemplifies the teamwork between Maxtor and Adaptec to deliver next-generation products and will be on display in the Maxtor technology suite at Comdex in Las Vegas next month.”

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