Adaptec Raid Driver Embedded in Linux Kernel

Adaptec, Inc. today announced that its RAID driver has been embedded in the Linux kernel, allowing future versions of Linux operating systems based on the kernel to support Adaptec’s family of SCSI RAID and high-end ATA RAID PCI cards out of the box.

Adaptec said its Ultra160 SCSI drivers are already embedded in the Linux kernel and the company plans to have drivers for its leading Ultra320 products embedded as well.

In the past, Adaptec’s RAID driver was maintained as a value-added feature by only certain Linux kernel distributors such as Mandrake and SuSE. Now that the driver is embedded in the mainstream kernel — kernel 2.4.10 — the new code, available at the Linux kernel FTP site, can be reviewed and maintained by virtually any kernel distributor. Over the next three to six months, distributors developing operating systems using the kernel with Adaptec’s embedded RAID driver will test the code and add office tools, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and other features.

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