ADIC Delivers New AIT Library

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC). today announced the availability of its new Scalar(R) 100 AIT automated tape library.

According to ADIC, the Scalar 100 is the ideal storage solution for rapidly growing data environments. They claim that its advanced design allows users to grow their system from 24 to 96 tape cartridge positions in minutes without adding any external library expansion hardware, and its integrated connectivity options allow it to attach directly to storage networks.

Bill Britts, ADIC senior vice president of Global Marketing, said, “It (Scalar 100 AIT ) lets users start small — only 24 tapes and 2 drives — but it lets them grow easily and quickly up to a 8-drive system that can store 12.5 TB. With the Scalar 100, users install new drives and capacity themselves in less than 10 minutes — so they avoid all the mess of ‘stackable’ libraries that force users to disassemble rack systems, install complex and unreliable pass-through mechanisms, and pay for extra robotics. This new library is the clear choice for users who want to combine the advanced technology of AIT drives with the proven performance and reliability of an integrated, scalable library platform.”

The Scalar 100 features an optional mailbox to provide bulk loading for up to 16 tapes at once (in removable magazines). Remote management is provided through a web server integrated into the library. And an integrated SAN connectivity option allows it to connect directly into storage networks. The Scalar 100 AIT is available immediately through ADIC resellers and distributors with a list price starting at $23,910.

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