ADIC Launches SAN-enabled Tape Library

Advanced Digital Information Corporation today unveiled a new enterprise tape library platform called the Scalar 10K. The Scalar 10K is available in LTO, SDLT, AIT and mixed media configurations and has native storage from 35 TB up to 881.5 TB.

“The Scalar 10K is the first automated tape platform designed from the ground up to support data consolidation in the era of storage networks,” said Bill Britts, ADIC executive vice president of Sales and Marketing. “When IT organizations put a major percentage of their data in a single resource, it needs to have easily scalable capacity, provide intelligent SAN-aware management, and ensure very high levels of reliability and availability. In all of these areas, the Scalar 10K’s fundamental design advances set significant new standards for the industry.”

According to the company, the Scalar 10K is designed with features that create reliability, redundancy and rapid recovery from any system faults to keep Enterprise data available. Cross-coupled redundant AC and DC power is standard for all drives and for the library controller. Redundant library control paths to support fail-over are standard, as are dual ports for redundant data paths through the storage network. Physical upgrades fit through standard doors and can be added in less than two hours; and the Scalar 10K is completely self-teaching and self-calibrating after new drives or capacity are added.

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