Adtron Shipping News SCSI Flash Drives

Adtron today announced it has added two new capacities, 12.8 GBytes and 14.3 GBytes, to its S35PC line of SCSI Flash drives. According to the company, this line is designed for harsh environment applications requiring reliability, durability, long life and high capacity. The S35PC storage system is a form-fit-function drop-in solid state replacement for SCSI 3.5″ disk and DAT drives.

Alan Fitzgerald, president of Adtron stated, “Adtron can now meet higher capacity rugged storage requirements as found in pipeline inspection systems, airborne surveillance, shipboard fire control systems and mobile mapping systems. Over the past year Adtron shipped 9.6 GByte Flash drives to these applications; this new capacity enables additional capabilities.”

The S35PC product line offers capacities of 5.1 GBytes, 9.6 GBytes, 12.8 GBytes and 14.3 GBytes in commercial (0 to 60 degrees Celsius) and enhanced (-25 to +75 degrees Celsius) temperature ranges for applications that must operate in high shock and vibration environments.

The 14.3 GByte capacity, S35PC-14GC, is priced at $42,000 USD per unit in quantities of 25. Lead time is stock to eight weeks ARO.

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