ANDA Acquires Knowledge From Chinese Networking Firm

San Jose-based ANDA Networks Wednesday says it’s acquiring the intellectual property of Wuhan Snow City Communications (WSCC), a Chinese Network Firm. The acquisition is prompting a new company, which will be called ANDA-Wuhan.

Because the two companies are privately owned, the financial terms of the deal were not discussed. The technology transfer is expected to boost ANDA’s UAP 2000 platform to include optical transport, the backbone for next-generation networks.

“We are going to double the engineering size and successfully utilize the expertise of the ANDA-Wuhan engineers to incorporate their knowledge into expanding the functionality of the UAP 2000 platform,” says ANDA Networks President and CEO Charles Kenmore. “We are very excited to be expanding into China’s market. This acquisition will help us to achieve a globally recognized name.”

The UAP 2000 system already has the capability to handle communication traffic including VoATM, VoIP, and VoDSL.

The two companies have worked together before on research and development projects. Prior to this acquisition, WSCC designed the OC-3 interface for ANDA Networks’ UAP 2000 hardware. The two companies are currently working on the OC-48 blade, an upcoming interface that will expand the potential of the UAP 2000 system.

ANDA-Wuhan says it will continue its relationship with the WSCC engineers to further improve the performance of the platform.

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