ApplianceWare Updates Its NAS Software

ApplianceWare(TM), Inc., a network attached storage (NAS) software firm, this week announced the launch of its AW 3.3 NAS Software.

According to the company, the product’s newest features include back-up agent, hardware RAID with Hot Spare support and NIC load-balancing capabilities.

“We are excited about AW 3.3 because it provides the best performance and value proposition in its class,” said Stacy Kenworthy, President & CEO of ApplianceWare. “ApplianceWare is focused on providing our OEM partners with the best NAS software possible, allowing them to succeed in the growing mid-range storage market.”

AW 3.3 is comprised of two components, AW 3.3 Server software and AW 3.3 ApplianceView(TM) client software. AW 3.3 Server is a Linux based operating system that uses ApplianceWare’s proprietary transaction engine, RUSD. AppllianceWare said AW 3.3 ApplianceView(TM) allows users to manage multiple ApplianceWare powered NAS devices through a powerful and easy-to-use Java or HTML based user interface.

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