Auspex Data Servers Earn Legato Certification

Auspex Systems, Inc. and Legato Systems, Inc. today announced that the latest operating system for Auspex’s NS2000 series of Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers has been certified for interoperability with Legato(R) NetWorker(R) 6.0.1 backup and recovery software.

The certification, according to the companies, leverages the TurboReplicator backup/restore software included in Auspex’s NetOS 3.01. TurboReplicator allows both local and remote backup and restore operations between two Auspex file servers or between a Solaris workstation and an Auspex file server to be managed by any Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) client.

“Together, Auspex and Legato are leveraging the power of NDMP to enable our customers to have a smooth and robust backup and recovery solution so that they can maximize data protection and availability,” said George Symons, Vice President, Product Development, Legato Systems, Inc.

Auspex’s multiprocessor design for parallelization of backup data and control paths will, Auspex says, enable Legato customers to take full advantage of the performance and scalability enhancements in NetWorker 6.0.1, particularly the Power and Network editions targeted at large enterprise environments.

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