Cambex Announces 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

Cambex Corporation, a supplier of Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, today announced its new 2 Gb/s host bus adapter (HBA) for SANs in Unix, Windows and Linux environments.

According to the company, the Cambex FibreQuik(TM) PC2000 HBA supports 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI transfers and operates at either 2 Gb/s or 1 Gb/s Fibre Channel data rates. The HBA automatically senses whether the Fibre Channel network is running at 2 Gb/s or 1 Gb/s and connects with the appropriate data rate. This auto sensing function allows the FibreQuik PC2000 to be fully backward compatible with existing 1 Gb/s Fibre Channel installations while providing customers with seamless migration to new 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel deployments.

Cambex says the new FibreQuik HBAs are capable of providing 400 MB/s bandwidth in full-duplex mode and connecting at distances of up to 20 kilometers. It supports IBM AIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Novell Netware operating environments and is available immediately.

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