Canoga Perkins Announce Fibre Channel Extension for Long Distance SANs

Canoga Perkins, a supplier of fiber optic extension equipment and WDM systems, this week announced what it claims is the first NEBS Level 3 approved Fibre Channel product to make long distance SAN networking easy and reliable.

Canoga Perkins said its 9125 Fibre Channel Xtender is SAN product that is NEBS Level 3 certified and uses Fibre Channel technology to handle long distance SAN extensions up to 84 kilometers.

Jack Buhn, Canoga Perkins President and CEO, stated, “This new product was designed specifically for the rapidly growing Fibre Channel SAN market and the addition of NEBS Level 3 adds a new dimension to the applications this product can handle. Service providers can now use Fibre Channel in the central office due to the just received NEBS Level 3 certification. We want to turn the storage area network into the global area network with our new extension product. This new development is an example of our commitment to satisfying user requests and meeting new and emerging markets.”

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