Canoga Perkins Announces New Fibre Channel Xtender

Canoga Perkins, a supplier of fiber optic extension equipment and WDM systems, announced a new Fibre Channel product that it says will make long-distance SAN networking easy and reliable.

According to Canoga Perkins, it has developed a new storage area network product using Fibre Channel technology to handle consumers’ long-distance SAN extension needs up to 50 kilometers away. Canoga Perkins says the new 9125 Fibre Channel Xtender is a very small footprint standalone or rack-mounted device used to extend the distance of Fibre Channel applications in a cost-effective manner.

“We have developed this new fiber optic extender to attack the emerging SAN application and Fibre Channel technology market,” said Jack Buhn, president and CEO of Canoga Perkins. “We here at Canoga Perkins are always working to meet the expanding requirements of our users and attracting new users through innovative product offerings. This new development is an example of our commitment to satisfying user requests and meeting new and emerging markets.”

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