CBL Partners With PromiseMark to Provide Data Loss Protection

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. announced a partnership with PromiseMark(TM) to provide data recovery services in Canada as part of PromiseMark’s comprehensive PromiseGuard(TM) Data Recovery and Virus Protection plans.

“As a new trend in computing, PromiseMark is offering an innovative ‘warranty’ plan to help users recover their lost data in an unexpected crisis,” said CBL president, Bill Margeson. “Despite technological advances in the reliability of magnetic storage media, the incidence of data loss continues to rise. Data storage remains a fragile science, and data’s susceptibility to damage from both natural and human sources remains high. PromiseMark’s recognition of our professional services demonstrates our expertise for dealing with any type of data loss disaster.”

“Our agreement with CBL gives our Canadian customers peace-of-mind knowing that they will be able to recover their lost data without spending thousands of dollars,” said PromiseMark president and CEO Bernard Brenner. “In the absence of this plan, many individuals and small businesses would not have the resources to recover their lost data in a crisis.”

“Time is a critical factor when providing data recovery services,” says Margeson. “It is vital to have a geographic presence near computer users to get the job done as quickly as possible when data disaster strikes. The agreement between PromiseMark and CBL will provide Canadian customers with both geographic and timely access to data recovery services.”

The PromiseGuard Data Recovery Plan helps individuals and small businesses recover data, whether lost by hardware or system malfunction, human error, software corruption, program malfunction, computer virus, power surge or natural disaster. PromiseGuard(TM) Data Recovery and Virus Protection plans are available at www.data-protection.com and at

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