Ceph Open Source Distributed Filesystem Heads to the Cloud

Cloud computing presents a new model for data delivery and data storage and it’s a new model that is set to soon benefit from the Ceph filesystem.

The open source Ceph filesystem is a distributed filesystem that is intended to be massively scalable. The system was initially created by Sage Weil, who is also the co-founder of hosting provider Dreamhost. Dreamhost is now in the process of building out hosted cloud computing and storage products that will leverage Ceph. Dreamhost is also working on integrating Ceph with the OpenStack cloud computing framework.

“In a couple of months we will be releasing a hosted object storage product built on top of Ceph,” Ben Cherian, general manager of emerging businesses at DreamHost told InternetNews.com. “So if our user wanted to use Amazon S3 type storage we’ll have a platform that we’ll be able to offer.”

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Ceph Advances Open Source Distributed Filesystem to the Cloud

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