ChatSync Offers Social Media Data Archive

For enterprises, especially those operating in regulated industries, social media can be a scary place. How, after all, is IT supposed to keep track of the flurry of tweets, status messages and other social content floating around out there?

Devrex Gear thinks it has the answer. The company is now out with ChatSync 2.2, an archiving solution for enterprises to establish a repository for their employees’ social media content and remain in compliance with government regulations.

Datamation has the details about Devrex’s latest offering.

The growing popularity of social networks may give users more flexible communications options, but it’s also given IT a number of headaches to deal with, including security, privacy and even bandwidth issues.

Tightly regulated industries like health care and finance, as well as government agencies, face the further compliance burden of having to store and manage the content produced in social systems like Twitter and Facebook.

After launching as a tool designed to help enterprises capture instant messaging sessions in a sort of universal inbox, Dexrex Gear launched its ChatSync 2.2 product this week, the latest version of the cloud-based platform that now covers Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook sessions.

Read the full story at Datamation:

ChatSync 2.2 Archives Social Media for Compliance: Worried Yet?

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