Cisco, EMC and Oracle Create “ECOstructure”

Cisco Systems, EMC and Oracle have joined forces and leveraged their collective enterprise storage, networking and database management experience to create the “ECOstructure” company. According to the companies, ECOstructure will offer blueprints for networking, storage and software to guarantee e-business transactions, giving companies the ability to trade under the business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) modes.

According to its directors, ECOstructure allows clients to reduce the time it takes to launch their products, diminishes risks and improves the quality of services and growth according to network requirements.

In related news, TransactPlus, a provider of managed transaction delivery services over the Internet, recently announced plans to implement ECOstructure as the foundation for the TransactPlus Network.

“Adherence to ECOstructure helps ensure that our service will always be there for customers, even in the event of power failures, security attacks or natural disasters,” said Joe Gigas, senior vice president of network services for TransactPlus. “Our ability to guarantee delivery of secure transactions between companies is based on a strong foundation of proven technology.”

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