Cisco Tailors Network Storage for Small Business

Small businesses demand simplicity in tech products because they generally have few if any IT staff to manage and support them. In an ideal world, they also want products that deliver the best bang for the buck and can perform multiple functions.

As Small Business Computing reports, Cisco has a new line of network storage products that can be used for a number of different storage-related applications.

Cisco is perhaps best known for its enterprise networking products, but its latest storage offering is aimed at small businesses with a hundred employees or less. The launch of the Cisco NSS 300 Series on Wednesday is part of the networking giant’s Smart Storage family of desktop network storage systems that include integrated applications.

Beyond storage and management, the NSS 300 Series includes software to, for example, help a small business set up a Web server and design its own website. The system also includes on-disk data encryption — to protect hard drives even if they’re lost or stolen — and the WordPress publishing platform for blogging.

The NSS 300 network storage series is available in two-, four- and six-bay desktop network storage configurations with up to 12 terabytes of capacity using 2 terabyte drives.

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Cisco’s Network Storage Targets Small Business

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