CMD Ships Medley ATA Software RAID

Ultra ATA/100 technology vendor CMD Technology, Inc. today announced the shipment of its CMD Medley ATA Software RAID, which provides RAID 0 (“Striping”), RAID 1 (“Mirroring”), and RAID 0+1 (“Mirrored/Striping”) levels for the IDE Hard Disk Drive (HDD) marketplace.

“Our number one goal with CMD’s Medley ATA-based RAID is to provide the highest reliability, data availability and usability,” says Brian L. Dixon, Product Marketing Manager for CMD Technology’s Storage InterConnect Group.

CMD Medley Software RAID works in conjunction with CMD Technology’s PCI-649 Ultra ATA/100 IDE-to-PCI host controller chip. Supporting up to four HDDs, According to the company, users of CMD Medley can create a Striped RAID set (RAID 0) to increase disk I/O performance by concurrently using two-to-four HDDs. It also provides the backbone of RAID with increased data availability and integrity utilizing both Mirroring and Mirrored-Striping (RAID 1 and 0+1), respectively.

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