Companies Announce Availability of NAS Appliances for eCabinet

Ricoh Silicon Valley (RSV), NSM Storage Inc., and OTG Software Inc. announced availability of a turnkey appliance to manage, store, and retrieve important papers, faxes, and digital files. The companies said their combined expertise enabled them to create an ideal solution for handling data capture, storage, and retrieval challenges: NAS Appliance eCabinet Edition by NSM.

“Our eCabinet edition Archiver and Extender NAS Appliances allow us to address the critical aspects of data storage and retrieval in today’s data-intensive business environment,” said Kevin Byrne, Vice-President Sales and Marketing NSM USA. “The Extender Appliance adds half of a Terabyte of data storage with ideal storage traits — speed, reliability and capacity. OTG’s ArchiveXtender software provides streamlined, dependable data management.”

“The system is fast, flexible, and scalable,” said Peter Smails, VP of Business Development for OTG. “Working together, we have produced a solution that enables eCabinet to meet customer requirements for secure and long-term archival storage for their business documents.”

“The new NSM products are a natural extension of eCabinet’s already-existing ability to help workers reduce information overload,” said James Harris, executive VP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing for Ricoh Silicon Valley. “We want NSM’s Jukebox customers to have easy access to networked document capture and retrieval, and OTG’s software makes that happen seamlessly.”

The solution is available now through NSM and RSV resellers.

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