Companies Demonstrate Coast-to-Coast IP Storage Interoperability

Eight computer, storage, and networking companies
today announced the successful deployment of what they say is the first wire-speed, coast-to-coast IP Storage network. The joint effort was Dubbed the “Promontory Project” after the location where America’s first transcontinental railroad was joined.

“The ability to transport critical storage data across vast
geographic distances with little sacrifice in performance is a huge
step forward in the history of the storage industry,” said Aamer
Latif, president and chief executive officer of Nishan Systems, the
organizer of this demonstration. “Businesses require high levels of
protection for their data. Enabling services such as long-distance
backup, recovery, and mirroring at 1, 2.5, or 10 Gigabits per second
provides the highest possible level of data protection and instant
access, should disaster strike.”

Promontory participants included:

Participants (alphabetical)              Capabilities Provided

Adaptec (Nasdaq:ADPT)                    Server connectivity

Dell (Nasdaq:DELL)                       Servers and storage devices

Hitachi Data Systems (NYSE:HIT)          Fibre Channel storage devices
IBM (NYSE:IBM)                           IP Storage devices

Intel (Nasdaq:INTC)                      Server connectivity

Nishan Systems                           IP Storage switching

QLogic (Nasdaq:QLGC)                     Server connectivity

Qwest Communications International Inc.  Multi-gigabit coast-to-coast 
(NYSE:Q)                                 IP links and CyberCenter

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