Companies to Demonstrate IP Storage Benefits

Adaptec, Inc. today announced it is showcasing the benefits of IP storage solutions at Storage Networking World in Orlando, Fla. this week.

Together with Cisco Systems, ADIC and Eurologic Systems, Adaptec plans to demonstrate how companies can implement remote mirroring and shared data access applications by linking an iSCSI SAN to a Fibre Channel SAN. According to Adaptec, the solution highlights total storage availability by enabling data to be transmitted and accessed simultaneously between the two SANs, with a remote mirroring application for disaster recovery.

“Adaptec is forging ahead with industry leaders like Cisco, ADIC and Eurologic and our own technical achievements to show companies how to maximize existing resources using IP storage solutions,” stated Ram Jayam, vice president and general manager of Adaptec’s Storage Networking Group. “Our successful demonstration shows the immediate value of IP storage solutions that allow companies to effectively and affordably manage their data assets in a mixed SAN environment.”

In the demonstration, an Adaptec AEA-7110C iSCSI host bus adapter and a Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router will take iSCSI commands from the iSCSI SAN, convert them to Fibre Channel, and route them to a server in a Fibre Channel SAN that is being supported by an Adaptec DuraStor 7220SS Fibre Channel external storage subsystem. Data from the iSCSI SAN will be mirrored to the DuraStor subsystem and the data on the DuraStor subsystem will be accessible from all servers in the network. An iSCSI Eurologic SANbloc(TM) storage device will facilitate access to information on the iSCSI SAN side of the demonstration. In addition, ADIC’s CentraVision File Sharing software, a working file system for iSCSI, will support true SAN file sharing over an IP network for collaborative workflow.

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