Companies to Stage iSCSI Demo at Storage Networking World

NetConvergence Inc. announced it will join Ciprico, Intel and Mountain View Data in an interoperable demonstration of Internet SCSI, or iSCSI at Storage Networking World, which takes place April 8-11.

iSCSI describes a transport protocol for SCSI that operates on top of TCP/IP. NetConvergence said the most significant contribution of iSCSI is a leveraging of existing IP infrastructures, as iSCSI is designed to instantly transform an arbitrary IP network (LAN, MAN or WAN) into a Storage Area Network (SAN), converging networking and storage.

According to NetConvergence, the Storage Networking World demonstration will showcase a multi-host, multi-target, interoperable iSCSI solution composed of independently developed components. NetConvergence will provide an integrated iSCSI target driver and SCSI gateway, while the Ciprico and Mountain View Data targets both leverage an iSCSI target driver and bridge to Fibre Channel and SCSI RAID devices and to arbitrary block devices, such as tape, disk, CD-ROM, respectively. A collection of streaming videos, to be stored on the iSCSI targets and viewed from the iSCSI hosts drives at the demonstration, focuses on the interoperability of iSCSI.

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