Compaq Announce New SAN Solutions

Compaq Computer Corporation today announced a new suite of solutions that it says increase the flexibility, efficiency, and value its storage networks.

Anchoring today’s announcement is the Compaq RAID array StorageWorks EMA16000. With the ability to provide up to 12.2 terabytes (TB) in a single cabinet, compaq says the StorageWorks EMA16000 simplifies the physical consolidation of storage that SANs make practical. In addition, the company also announced StorageWorks Integrated SAN switches plus support for McDATA ED-5000 directors to simplify SAN implementation. Array controller software enhancements and storage support upgrades are also available for existing Compaq SAN customers.

In additoin, Compaq says it now offers 16% more capacity in the same array rack space plus support for larger storage set sizes (up to a terabyte) with enhanced array controller software. Compaq claims that this software provides a foundation for larger, more scalable SAN configurations by supporting up to 24 servers (96 host ports) per array — an increase of 50% over previous software versions. In addition, StorageWorks solutions kits have been updated with current support for the 10 most popular operating systems.

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