Compaq Expands StorageWorks Family

Compaq Computer Corporation today announced it has added two new solutions to its StorageWorks family of storage solutions.

The StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array — called Enterprise — is the company’s new virtual RAID solution. Mark Lewis, vice president and general manager of Compaq’s Enterprise Storage Group, said: “The StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array enables growing organizations to lower the total cost of storage ownership by doubling storage utilization and effective capacity, stretching virtual pool capacity beyond physical capacity, multiplying storage management productivity, reducing application downtime, and supporting NAS data in a common Universal Network Storage pool that is more easily managed than disparate storage islands.”

StorageWorks NAS Executor E7000 is Compaq’s new NAS solution. According to Compaq, the NAS Executor offers enhanced SAN capabilities with file-level access and storage virtualization as well as traditional NAS capabilities enhanced with unbounded SAN scalability and simplified storage management.

“With the new StorageWorks NAS Executor E7000, customers can now drive to a single storage infrastructure solution that provides unlimited storage scalability and maximizes the ownership advantages of consolidated storage,” said John Young, vice president and general manager of Compaq’s Network Attached Storage Division. “The NAS Executor supersedes other high-end NAS offerings from companies such as Network Appliance that do not integrate in any way with the SAN, the backbone of the enterprise storage infrastructure.”

“Enterprise is a major milestone in the fulfillment of the StorageWorks ENSA-2 vision unveiled this past August,” said Mark Lewis. “It also marks the highly anticipated product debut of our VersaStor Technology, which we announced last year. Enterprise’s innovative architecture allows businesses to control the costs of managing an ever-expanding storage pool. It also raises customer service levels by eliminating planned downtime for storage reconfigurations and backup windows. Furthermore, Compaq has now linked NAS and SAN to provide ubiquitous storage access. StorageWorks erases the line between NAS and SAN — instead of conflict and confusion over which is the better alternative, there is total fusion: SAN and NAS storage together, without boundaries. With these announcements, StorageWorks once again leads the storage industry in removing barriers to time, space and cost.”

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